Media Release: Destination Medicine

Navigating the path from medical school to fully-fledged doctor can be quite a maze of choices and options, with many forks in the road. With over 23 specialities, 81 fields of speciality practice and 86 speciality titles, young medical trainees at some point must choose what area of medicine is for them.

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Your options for listening to our podcasts

It is fairly simple to access audio programmes, or podcasts, when you have a device connected to the internet. There are many podcast platforms or apps available for you to start listening to programmes such as Destination Medicine© and this post will give you some information on how to get started...

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Welcome to Destination Medicine

We're very excited to announce the development of the Destination Medicine© website! This website is the culmination of a collabration between four rural NSW training hubs: Far West, Riverina, Western and Northern NSW, and we all hope that you find this library of podcasts a useful resource.

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