Student Series
Emma Byrne – Doctor Emma Byrne now - was far from sure that she had “what it takes” to become a doctor. But a serious bike accident, followed by a year of ongoing medical treatment, gave her plenty...
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Lucas Quinn spent years as a nurse before finally making the switch to medical school. As a mature-age student it has been a steep learning curve. Life’s a challenge as Luke strives to...
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A few short years ago, Joseph Beaton was a teacher. But things weren’t right, he wasn’t satisfied in his career choice. He had already given up on the idea of being a pilot, a radio DJ or even a...
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When Hazara-born Kumail Jaffry was a young boy, recently arrived from Pakistan and on holiday with his family, his youngest brother dropped boiling water on his legs requiring an urgent dash to...
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Destination Medicine Series
At the start of his GP career, John Wenham would not have imagined living and working in Broken Hill. He was the joint owner of a successful practice in Manchester, married with a young child, why...
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At the start of her career, Rachel James wasn’t at all sure about medicine. Arts Management seemed more likely and that’s where she headed. But the passion wasn’t there and the idea of medicine,...
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Medicine was in her genes, so was her plan for a regional destination. But specialising in intensive care? That wasn’t part of the plan for Alice Henschke – until she tried it, loved it, and then...
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Dr Katie French was born in Shoalhaven Hospital, in Nowra, New South Wales. Now she’s back at the very same place, working as a specialist in geriatrics and committed to serving the community where...
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Destination Medicine News

Series 3 Podcast Series Launch

Heart-warming stories from medical students about applying to medical school. Australian Medical Students Association (AMSA) Rural Health Chair, Sarah Clark, has welcomed the release of a new series of Destination Medicine© podcasts designed to provide insights from medical students around Australia about applying to study medicine.

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Destination Medicine© 2020 podcast series launched

A new and creative way to inform future doctors about their career path options - The Regional Training Hubs network is releasing new episodes of the Destination Medicine© podcast series at 1400 (EDST) on Wednesday 4 November.

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Destination Medicine and COVID-19

Our doctors are under enormous pressure and stress at the moment with the COVID – 19 pandemic and we at Destination Medicine are trying to support them as much as we can. As a result, our Destination Medicine episodes may be published a little sporadically over the coming months.

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