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Dr James Sterrey — finding wings with regional placements7
Dr James Sterrey — finding wings with regional placements
Dr James Sterrey’s path to regional medicine wasn’t a direct one. As a city boy with a science degree, it was while employed as a research scientist, on Parkinson’s Disease, that he realised...
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Dr Catherine Limberis — A leap of faith6
Dr Catherine Limberis — A leap of faith
Having completed her general medicine training in South Africa, Dr Catherine Limberis and her husband decided to make the big move to Australia. But she only knew about Australia’s big cities and...
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Student Series

Even though he was established in a good job as a radiographer, Will Anderson still secretly harboured what he calls a life-long ambition to be a doctor. He didn’t want to be a “passenger” in...

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While working as a lawyer with Indigenous clients in Western Australia’s remote north, Rafael Szumer says he became frustrated that his clients’ health issues affected their ability to attend...
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Dr Yvonne Chang’s journey to medicine wasn’t a direct one, but her travel experiences while studying agricultural research certainly cemented her wishes to work in regional and rural Australia....
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After toying with the idea of becoming an investment banker, Daniel Van Der Merwe thought paramedicine would be the perfect mix for his personality and lifestyle. But it was during his first-year...
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Destination Medicine Series

One of the first NSW Rural Doctors Network (RDN) cadets in NSW, Dr Louis Christie only intended staying in Orange in Central NSW for a couple of years, but he found it far too attractive, both...

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Born and trained in the UK, Dr Lauren Bradbury came to Australia to experience new things. A short visit turned into a permanent commitment when she experienced the joys of working as a rural...
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Fascinated by what she calls the “mad” characters in children’s’ books, Dr Danielle Winch knew that she wanted to be a Psychiatrist when she was just eight years old. Her initial ambition was to...
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Dr Jeremy Curtin is living his life-long dream: raising a large family in a regional city just minutes away from a specialist practice. He says he is enjoying the best of two worlds by...

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Destination Medicine News

Series 3 Podcast Series Launch

Heart-warming stories from medical students about applying to medical school. Australian Medical Students Association (AMSA) Rural Health Chair, Sarah Clark, has welcomed the release of a new series of Destination Medicine© podcasts designed to provide insights from medical students around Australia about applying to study medicine.

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Destination Medicine© 2020 podcast series launched

A new and creative way to inform future doctors about their career path options - The Regional Training Hubs network is releasing new episodes of the Destination Medicine© podcast series at 1400 (EDST) on Wednesday 4 November.

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Destination Medicine and COVID-19

Our doctors are under enormous pressure and stress at the moment with the COVID – 19 pandemic and we at Destination Medicine are trying to support them as much as we can. As a result, our Destination Medicine episodes may be published a little sporadically over the coming months.

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