The Accidental Generalist: Dr Kayla Mizzi, Manjimup WA

The Accidental Generalist: Dr Kayla Mizzi, Manjimup WA

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Born and bred a city kid, Dr Kayla Mizzi has transformed into a passionate rural generalist working in the tiny town of Manjimup in Western Australia’s far southwest. In this episode, we follow Kayla on her journey to rural medicine as she switched almost at the last moment from veterinary science, to medicine driven by a desire to connect with people.

She describes the rewards of rural medicine, emphasising the importance of creativity, resourcefulness and a willingness to embrace challenges. A multifaceted rural generalist, Kayla’s roles include working in the emergency department, serving as an admitting doctor, and practicing as a GP. She also contributes to medical education and research, promoting rural medicine as a fulfilling career.

Dr Mizzi encourages aspiring doctors to pursue rural generalism early in their careers, emphasising the unique opportunities in smaller communities for personal and professional growth.

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