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It wasn’t until Dr David Glendinning was well into his first career as an engineer that he had a change of heart. He decided to try medicine. By that time married life had taken hold, but a stint...
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Not everyone thinks the city has it all. Associate Professor Mark Arnold left Sydney to pursue the immense opportunities he saw in Dubbo in the clinical teaching space and in his chosen field of...
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Dr Paul Lunney knew he’d made the right decision to move from registered nursing to becoming a GP. What he didn’t know until his 3rd year placement in Dubbo was the attraction of working in a rural...
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Dr Sarah Moore covered huge tracks in her career development in WA. But she never lost track of her colleagues and mentors, nor of her love for obstetrics and the privilege, as she calls it, of...

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Destination Medicine News

Series 3 Podcast Series Launch

Heart-warming stories from medical students about applying to medical school. Australian Medical Students Association (AMSA) Rural Health Chair, Sarah Clark, has welcomed the release of a new series of Destination Medicine© podcasts designed to provide insights from medical students around Australia about applying to study medicine.

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Destination Medicine© 2020 podcast series launched

A new and creative way to inform future doctors about their career path options - The Regional Training Hubs network is releasing new episodes of the Destination Medicine© podcast series at 1400 (EDST) on Wednesday 4 November.

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Destination Medicine and COVID-19

Our doctors are under enormous pressure and stress at the moment with the COVID – 19 pandemic and we at Destination Medicine are trying to support them as much as we can. As a result, our Destination Medicine episodes may be published a little sporadically over the coming months.

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